“Kleider machen Leute”

“Clothes make people”




It’s not about dressing up, it’s not about covering oneself.

It is not a rabbit fur blanket that warms us up.

It is a thought that starts to take shape.

LeSerie are the shape of the thought that becomes an item of clothing.Every garment is unique, no other copy exists. Every garment is handmade. Every garment is a piece of art itself. Whoever wears a piece of art becomes a piece of art.It is a human easel that exhibits itself. Through LaSerie the rabbit-man becomes an artisan, he transforms a thought into an object, he portrays himself in the process of creating someone else’s subject and then he exhibits it on a body. The dress becomes a unique element, just like the person who is wearing it becomes the opposite of fashion.

Every Serie represents a thought of one or many artists. The rabbit-man puts together these thoughts creating a bond that becomes a unique garment that has the artist’s signature and also a serial number that identifies univocally that unique piece of work. The piece of work then belongs to the person wearing it.

Every Serie represents a thought, and every garment is the unique reinterpretation of that thought. Only when worn, it becomes a piece of art, just like the person who is wearing it. One hair more, one hair less, obviously.








            Serie: Soulded

            Model: Waiting

            Code:  1519













       and the author’s signature

           under the sleeve


         Idea & design by BHO










Means that BHO created that garment and/or the Serie, thanks to the idea and the graphic. If you only find Idea & Graphic, it then means that the author only worked towards one of the two parts that make the piece of art. Whereas, if the garment has no signature, it can only mean two things: either that the art work is still looking for an author or that the author is the rabbit-man called LaSerie.