“In a decaying society, art, if truthful,

must also reflect decay.

And unless it wants to break faith

with its social function,

art must show the world as changeable.

And help to change it.”



Ernst Fischer



I can not say how it happened. At the beginning some hair started to grow, on my face, my chest and on other parts of my body. “It’s normal” I was told. But I was only six months old, it was not normal. My mum, after having breast fed me, would lay me on the changing table and grab the hair clipper.

The beginning was hard. Then, they got used to it and left me in peace.

Six months later, scientists came. They gathered together, they discussed and discussed.They talked about deformity, mutation, evolutionary transition. In the end, they decided that a new species was born, that of the rabbit-men. Homo Oryctolagus was too long, too generic; and so they decided to call me LaSerie. A name like any other,an animal like any other. It then happened that, by coincidence, I started to wake new feelings in people. Licking,sharing, call it as you wish.The thing is that all this became a sort of glue, a space where to freely express one’s creativity. Music, sculpture, tailoring, performance and anything that represents a thought has been filtered through LaSerie. Everything strictly Handmade, produced by artists, graphics, passionate people. Everything distilled in the same workshop, kept together in a new communication process.