myVis – Stephanie



Serie:       myVis

Model:       Stèphanie

Code:        7912

Author:      C215


The name of this series is a combination of three languages​​: English (my), Latin and French (Vis-Visage). Visage is a tribute to the artist who started this serie, and the predominant subject of his work. “My”, I do not think need an explanation, you connect it to your face, and the Latin definition vis, Roboris which means strength, power, force, energy

(its peculiarity is the irregular variation vis, Roboris, robori, vim, vis, vi).

Graphic granted by the collection of works by C215. The face is of a certain Stephanie. The murals located in Vitry, a suburb in the south of Paris, no one knows more. You should ask the artist for more information.




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